Salt Creek Interpretive Trail
Death Valley National Park

Located 58.5 miles from Shoshone, California

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The Salt Creek Trail is an easy boardwalk trail that follows the Salt Creek and its pools. The creek is too salty for humans to drink, but the water is a source of water for different plants and animals. The rare Salt Creek Pupfish has thrived in these waters for thousands of years.

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The length of the Salt Creek Interpretive Trail in Death Valley National Park is 0.5 miles and requires around 16 minutes to hike one-way. The trail has a maximum elevation of 0 feet, a cumulative elevation gain of 0.3 miles and a cumulative elevation loss of 0.2 miles.



The following chart shows the total calories that you can expend on the Salt Creek Interpretive Trail while hiking (round-trip) at a typical speed and is based on gross weight (which includes anything carried), the topography, trail length and trail conditions.


Topo Maps

Beatty Junction Topo Map: Download the free Salt Creek Interpretive Trail topo map and the adjoining quads to plan your hike. These are full-sheet, 7.5 Minute (1:24,000 scale) Death Valley National Park topographic maps.

Points of Interest

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