Bill Williams Mountain Trail #21

Kaibab National Forest
Located 3.6 miles from Williams, Arizona (AZ)
4 Stars
7,570 Steps 1  (3.4 mi)

The trailhead for the Bill Williams Mountain Trail is located at the Williams District Ranger Station which is just a short drive from the Route 66 town of Williams. This steep trail has no switchbacks during the majority of the hike; it's not until the summit approaches that the switchbacks begin. Dense forest surrounds the trail. At the lower elevation there's an abundance of Gambel Oak and Ponderosa Pine; as the elevation increases the lush vegetation changes to Douglas Firs and Aspen which offer excellent shade during the heat of the summer months and an array of color during the fall.

Bill Williams Mountain TrailBill Williams Trail SnowBill Williams Trail Trees

Once at the top of the mountain the scenery is impressive; 360 degree views of the Kaibab National Forest and the small town of Williams greet the hiker, making this steep mountain trail worth the climb to the top. On a clear day the views stretch for several miles.

At the top of Bill Williams Mountain is a 45 foot steel fire lookout tower. The Civilian Conservation Corp built the tower during 1937, There's also several communication towers adjacent to the lookout structure.

The hike down is easy considering the difficult ascent; either return down the same trail or arrange to meet a friend at the top and drive back down the mountain. The steep and winding graveled Forest Road 111 ends at the summit; the use of a four wheel drive vehicle is highly recommended.


The Bill Williams Mountain Trail has a maximum elevation of 8,964 ft (2,732 m), a minimum elevation of 6,873 ft (2,095 m), and an elevation range of 2,091 ft (637 m).


[ A to B ] or [ B to A ]
Steps 1Length 2Min Ele 3Max Ele 4
7,5703.4 mi6,873 ft8,964 ft
[ A to B ]
Time 5Floors 6Gain 7Loss 8
2.1 hrs171.52,058 ft0 ft
[ B to A ]
1.4 hrs0.00 ft2,058 ft

What is the length of the Bill Williams Mountain Trail?

The length of the trail is 3.4 mi (5.4 km) or 7,570 steps.

How long does it take to hike the Bill Williams Mountain Trail?

A person in good physical health can hike the trail in 2.1 hrs in the [ A to B ] direction, and in 1.4 hrs in the [ B to A ] direction.


The following chart shows the total calories that you may expend on the trail while hiking in the [ A to B ] and [ B to A ] direction at a typical speed and is based on gross weight (which includes anything carried), the topography, trail length and trail conditions.

Topo Maps

Download the free Bill Williams Mountain Trail topo map and the adjoining quads to plan your hike. These are full-sheet, 7.5 Minute (1:24,000 scale) Kaibab National Forest topographic maps. Do you want full-sheet outdoor recreation JPEG Topo Maps?

Adjoining 7.5' Quadrangle Legend

  1. Northwest Topo Map: Hearst Mountain, AZ
  2. North Topo Map: Williams North, AZ
  3. Northeast Topo Map: Sitgreaves Mountain, AZ
  4. West Topo Map: McLellan Reservoir, AZ
  5. Topo Map: Williams South, AZ
  6. East Topo Map: Davenport Hill, AZ
  7. Southwest Topo Map: Matterhorn, AZ
  8. South Topo Map: May Tank Pocket, AZ
  9. Southeast Topo Map: White Horse Lake, AZ

Is there a Bill Williams Mountain trail map?

Yes, and it's free! The Bill Williams Mountain Trail is located on the Williams South topo map. Use the adjoining quadrangle legend to download the map.



  1. Steps is a unit of distance equal to the sum of stride lengths that vary with the terrain.
  2. Length is the distance of the trail between the two trailheads, measured on the trail.
  3. Min Ele is the minimum elevation on the trail.
  4. Max Ele is the maximum elevation on the trail.
  5. Time is the typical total time required to hike the trail.
  6. Floors is the gain divided by twelve, the height of one floor.
  7. Gain (cumulative elevation gain) is the sum of every gain in elevation.
  8. Loss (cumulative elevation loss) is the sum of every loss in elevation.