Caloric Expenditure

By Robert Bennett,

Data in the calorie bar charts is an estimate of the total calories that you may expend while hiking on a trail from one trailhead to the other. This data is based on a statistical model of energy expenditure, gross weight, typical speed, and the trail topography.

Gross weight includes the weight of the (physically healthy) person (aged between 18 and 70 years) and any weight carried while walking and hiking the trail.

Speed is a number of miles per hour which varies depending on the terrain.

Keep in mind, when movement is suspended (for example when the hiker stops to enjoy a view) additional calories are expended but they are not included in the total caloric expenditure.

Use the data only as a guideline as there are many different variables (e.g., headwinds and rain that may alter the trail surface) that can affect your caloric expenditure on the trail.