Free Topo Maps of Yosemite National Park

Download free topo maps of Yosemite National Park. Free means free; no sign-ups, registration or other annoying hoops! Use the adjoining 7.5 minute quadrangle legend to navigate and locate the California maps you need.

Adjoining 7.5' Quadrangle Legend

  1. Northwest Topo Map: Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, CA
  2. North Topo Map: Ten Lakes, CA
  3. Northeast Topo Map: Falls Ridge, CA
  4. West Topo Map: Tamarack Flat, CA
  5. Topo Map: Yosemite Falls, CA
  6. East Topo Map: Tenaya Lake, CA
  7. Southwest Topo Map: El Capitan, CA
  8. South Topo Map: Half Dome, CA
  9. Southeast Topo Map: Merced Peak, CA

Location of Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, founded in 1890 is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers sanctuary to birds and wildlife. The park is located in the center of eastern California and part of the Sierra Nevada range that is laden with forests, spectacular sequoia groves, lakes, cascading waterfalls, luxuriant meadows and rock massifs renown to climbers. The beautiful Wawona Basin abounds in activities with hiking, swimming, cycling, riding, golfing or visiting the park's History Center. The spectacular vistas and unsurpassed beauty from meadows and forests to snow capped ranges reaching heights well over 8,000 feet combine to create one of the wonders of our world.

Additional Yosemite National Park Topo Maps