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Pickatrail, Inc. is focused on surveying, processing and cataloging hiking trails in the United States of America. Surveys begin with an examination of topographic maps, aerial photography and a copy of the official literature issued by the public agency responsible for the trails. Only designated public hiking trails are measured; illegal trails, off-road vehicle trails (motorized trails), scrambles and undesignated hiking trails are not measured. Photographs of the trails are saved with copies of maps, official literature and field notes. Data is processed, validated and verified.

Robert Bennett is a computer scientist, environmentalist, founder of Pickatrail, Inc. and author of GPS trail guides. Robert has hiked two-thirds of the U.S. national parks, more than half of the U.S. national monuments, U.S. national forests, long-distance trails in the U.S. and U.K., and many miles in U.S. state parks, conservation areas and other places across the lower 48. During the past decade, Robert has captured over ten thousand photographs of the outdoors while hiking between two and three thousand miles per year.

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